Who We Are at JMC2 

John CruikshankJMC2 Civil Engineering + Surveying(JMC2) is a full-service civil engineering and surveying firm located in San Pedro, California. Founded in 1996 and celebrating our 20 year anniversary, we have amassed a great deal of project experience in the education, commercial, public works, industrial, recreational, and residential market sectors. Our company is committed to providing high-quality services by offering custom projects tailored to fit each client’s unique needs. At JMC2 we ensure quality and cost effective solutions while maintaining tight schedules and remaining responsive to changing conditions.

JMC2 is dedicated to working in partnership with every client to produce the best possible design consistent with client objectives and code requirements. Furthermore, to demonstrate our commitment to continuous quality and innovation as well as our dedication to the highest standards of client satisfaction, we stage continuous in-house workshops and seminars to further the personal growth and development of our knowledgeable staff.

Why Choose Us

The JMC2 team knows that we don't survive without our clients. So we work hard to always be readily accessible, organized, forthright, and diligent. We understand that surveyors and civil engineers are hired to do their work accurately, to the latest codes and standards, and diligently. The JMC2 team will be proactive in our approach so we keep your project moving forward.

We are a customer and project-focused civil engineering, surveying and staff augmentation firm and we provide our industry’s highest quality work products and services. Our fundamental strategy is to relentlessly “work” the systems of the business to perfection by developing easy to follow principles and procedures for our work performance. Our guiding documents are the Strategic Objective, Operating Principles, and the collection of Working Procedures.

JMC2 has been doing business in Southern California since 1996. The staff's capabilities revolve around addressing project needs in the housing, commercial, public sector, education, and transportation markets. From the moment you contact us, we will direct you to the right resources and have the properly experienced team member on your project.

Each project is assigned a specific project manager based on their experience and availability. Even though our staff is trained to prepare all of our core tasks, we understand that clients have specific project needs so we assign the right project manager to their account.

Our Working Procedures


"We are ultimately interested in results. However, results are byproducts of the systems we choose to either manage or ignore"

Even though each project is unique and could be considered "one of a kind", we still also know that most of our work is repetitive, therefore what can slow work down and affect quality are improperly trained people.

JMC2 has developed written Working Procedures for it's main areas of work including civil engineering and surveying. This helps ensure our work product is consistent

Our Operating Principles

JMC2 has adopted twenty three (23) Operating Principles that always guide us on how we work.

“All Company decisions must conform to the Strategic Objective, Operating Principles, and Working Procedure documents.”

  1. Business Development – people like to work with people they like. So we will be good listeners, be friendly, and smile. The whole idea is get to know people we meet since anyone could be a future customer or a source of a referral so do what you can to provide them the information necessary to contact you in the future.
  2. Communications – we are communicating complex information to a wide variety of people, so we need to be clear and accurate in our communications. All written communications, including plans, reports, emails, letters, . . .
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