Civil Engineering Services

JMC2 was founded as a civil engineering company. We are especially qualified to handle civil engineering projects due to our wide range of industry expertise and deep understanding of services in the field of civil engineering. We develop our plans in 3d models pursuant to widely accepted industry standards using IFC compliant software (Bentley Geopak and i-model files).
Operating Principles
Our firm has twenty three (23) Operating Principles. Here is a sampling of those that guide our civil engineering department:

• Communications – All written communications, including plans, reports, emails, letters, etc., need to have correct spelling and grammar.
• Customer Service – When people talk to us we listen, when they write to us we write back to them, and when they call and leave us a message we call them back as quick as possible.
• Documentation – Any information that affects our professional work should be written down and saved in a location that can be easily retrieved.
• Effort – Even though every project we do is unique and one-of-kind, we will break each down into quantifiable tasks (a series of efforts) where we can focus our efforts to ultimately develop our work for the whole project.
• Quality – Every document that goes out of the office needs to be checked by a peer or a supervisor to confirm spelling, design integrity, and appearance.
Project Experience

Our expertise, based on solid project history, includes an extensive array of professional services all of which enable our clients’ ultimate ideas to take shape and become reality.

Staff Experience

JMC2’s engineering staff’s expertise includes transportation, military, public works, commercial, education, residential, mixed use, hospitality, healthcare, religious facilities, and industrial.
JMC2 provides services in:

• Civil Engineering Low impact development, demolition plans, horizontal control, shoring plans, roadways, grading and drainage, utilities, street improvements and street lighting,
• tentative and final tract map, site retaining walls, erosion control, sump pump and construction specification, QSD/QSP
• Project Management Project management, environmental planning and design, quality control and design, value engineering, peer reviews
• Permit Processing Cities, Counties, State, Coastal, Federal
• Reports Hydrology/hydraulics, SUSMP, SWPPP, WQMP, constructability reviews
• Construction Management Bidding, RFI, construction meetings, construction observation/inspection

Surveying Services

JMC2’s Land Surveying department has the dedication, the expertise, the experience and state-of-the-art equipment to provide accurate and complete surveys across commercial, industrial, port, healthcare, education, private and multi-family residences, and public works projects.
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Equipment and Procedures

Our surveying staff utilizes the latest technology in surveying and measuring equipment. The crew utilizes the Spectra Precision FOCUS 35 robotic total station
which provides high speed, accuracy and precision in measurement. It improves efficiency
by moving the power of the observer from the instrument to the range pole. To complement this we also employ the Topcon Hiper GNSS GPS which further increases efficiency and productivity
in the field. To manage all of the information, JMC2 relies on the Spectra Precision Ranger 3, a
hand held data collector/computer which is powerful enough to calculate, process and adjust data in the field and keep a project moving forward. We are capable of tailoring our base sheets to integrate with any design software and standards that our clients use.
Because our company’s expertise ranges across multiple disciplines each department benefits from the knowledge and oversight of the other. JMC2’s surveying department works directly with the firm’s civil, traffic, and structural engineering departments ensuring that accurate and complete field information is presented prior to design, and that design is then translated to construction layout. Any as-built or field changes are fully documented and detailed records are
kept so that these changes can then be incorporated into the design. Precise field records ensure that any department can review the work performed in the field and avoid costly mistakes.

Staff Experience

At JMC2 we have integrated highly skilled professional surveying teams with the best technology available. This combination of operational excellence with state-of-the-art equipment makes sure each Client receives the correct survey and the highest degree of accuracy.
Our staff’s vast experience across all survey techniques and applications ensures each survey is completed according to quality standards.
The equipment is an equal part of the team in providing field accuracy. We utilize the latest in GPS and advanced fully robotic, reflectorless total stations capable of detailed three dimensional
scanning to build surveys that are entirely representative of the site conditions. And, using wireless technology, Internet access is used to quickly upload data and to provide remote observation if necessary.

• ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys
• Architectural/Engineering Design/Topographic/Aerial Surveys
• Right-Of-Way Engineering: Mapping And Legal Descriptions & Interpretation
• Boundary Establishment Surveys both per Record Data and per Field Survey
• Full Construction Staking Services
• Expert Witness Services: Boundary Establishment, ALTA Surveys, Legal Descriptions, Title Issues
• Monitoring Surveys, Earthwork, and Stockpile Calculations,
• Preparation of Subdivision Maps, Record of Surveys, Exhibit Maps, and other Subdivision Map Act elements
• Peer Review of Professional Land Surveying Services by others
• Title Report analysis and coordination with Title Companies and the legal community

Small Business Certifications
• Strategic engineering partner
• SBE certified firm

LA County, METRO, City of Los Angeles, City of Long Beach, POLA, POLB, LAUSD, LACCD